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Joe Dz

Thank you Joe for the data and Jim also makes a very good comment. When I
was looking at how weather storm systems affect transatlantic 6m
communications, and also during the winter months when we have the second Es
season, Es formed over storm systems and fast moving jet stream fronts.
However, a geomagnetic storm (G1 or K5 or better) would negate the effect.
It would be very interesting to see as people collect data, that they also
record what the geomagnetic field was doing at the time. The question
being: does an unsettled or stormy geomagnetic field also negate the
ionosphere scatter like it negates the weather effects that would normally
cause Es over storm systems or fronts?

If folks also record the K value as well on multiple day tests, that data
would be very interesting.

Joe, K1YOW

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On 4/18/2021 9:08 AM, Joe wrote:
Scatter signals are so highly variable that the only way to make
statistically reliable quantitative comparisons of different sumodes is
to transmit and receive them simultaneously.
Very interesting. Given the highly variable nature of propagation and
the different modes of which we try to take advantage, it would be
interesting to see this sort of work repeated on multiple days and at
different times of day.

73, Jim K9YC

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