locked Re: Q65 in less favourable condx? #Q65

Arthur Bernstein

The best of all would be a SHORT run of low loss coax and a mast mounted preamp. But that costs $$$ and we are hams! At VHF and UHF a low noise figure preamp is the way to go. At HF, more of a waste of time due to ambient noise.
Art, N2KA..

On Apr 17, 2021, at 3:01 PM, Alan G4ZFQ <alan4alan@...> wrote:

the benefit of the low loss for QRP is then transferred to low loss for received signals

This depends on the band and sensitivity of the receiver.
With transmit antennas on HF many receivers are more sensitive than required and an attenuator may be used. As others have said for VHF a preamp gives best results.
With QRP TX it depends whether you want to transmit a particular low power or whether you want to transmit the maximum a TX will provide.
The best low loss is an ideal, practically several runs of cheaper coax may be more versatile.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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