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Hi Carlos:

I've only been QRV for just over a year with MSK144. I use it on 6m and 2m. I've been through a few meteor showers.

I can't speak for everyone, but here in North America, I've never seen anyone running the TxCQ option.. even during busy times. (You can tell if someone is using it because the chosen TxCQ offset appears on the TX6 CQ frame that gets transmitted).

Last December on Two meters, it was so busy that I had three stations calling me while I was working another. I managed to respond to them all with no difficulty. (I was pleased to log four QSO's on two meters in under 1/2 hr :) )

I'm not sure about MSK144 traffic in Europe.. I would watch to see what others are doing. If it gets busy and you see offsets appearing in received CQ decodes, then you might consider running split...

73 de Jim VE4CY

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Hi everybody,
I am now QRV on MS-50.280 for at least 2 Months, I am well in working
normal QSO.
Now, in a few days; the Lyrides meteor shower is voming up.
Please tell how to operate this issue and not to disturb the other stations.
Should I tick the TxCQ260 ?
Or just call CQ on the Region 1 QRG: 50,280 ??
thanks for answer, 73, Karl OE3JAG

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