locked Re: Sudden blindness to sound card and ports windows 10 #AudioIssues #Cat_RigControl #IssueReport


Update: after hours of work, I solved this. It turned out to be caused by a (very) badly behaving modem card! It actually permanently damaged the operating system, so just uninstalling and removing wasn't enough.  I had to do a maintenance upgrade to Windows 10 to recover. This takes hours as it is just like a full install except it doesn't remove programs and files.

I now have a different problem to address: Please note that the settings are the same for mixw4 and they work there. This used to work some months back which was the last time I was able to use Wsjt due to the sound card issue.The rig is a Kenwood TS-450S.  I may start a new thread on this, but thought I'd give those watching this one a shot at it first! It looks like it is failing to get ID.  This might be some error that crept into the rig definitions.  A re install has been tried and still the same result. It works fine with my Yaesu FT-817 (with different com port of course).

Chris, AB6QK

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