locked Dark Mode Anomaly - FT8>MSK144 #IssueReport

Brad, K8ZM

v2.3.1 (GA) Dark Mode anomaly 

When STD messages are populated with a callsign (from Dx Call window) and you switch modes from FT8 to MSK144, the Tx5 field generated changes to light blue with white text. If you click on the down arrow, and select the optional message it switches back to a dark field with white text.  For example, if VE3CALL was the DX Call while in FT8 mode, the STD Messages all correctly apply the dark field.  Switching to MSK144 all field backgrounds are fine except the Tx5 field has <VE3CALL N8GLS> 73 as white text on a light blue background.  Clicking on the down arrow from that field and selecting the optional message TNX 73 GL and the dark background is applied, all other fields are fine.  If the STD messages are blank all the field backgrounds are normal (dark background with white text).  This seems to only occur when switching from FT8 to MSk144, if switching from MSK144 back to FT8 the light blue field background goes back to a dark background with white text.  Thought this was worth reporting.

73 de Brad, N8GLS

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