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The TX CQ box is for split operation.  (Which is only used when the frequency gets very busy).  I haven't seen it used that often.  You should leave it unchecked.

Normally in the TX6 box, is set up to send (CQ yourcall yourgrid).   If you select TX CQ 260, it will will still transmit on 50.260, but will send (CQ 260 yourcall yourgrid).  This lets others know you want to run split and how far off to go in order to carry on the rest of the QSO.

For regular MSK144 operation on 6, you should have the radio dialed to 50.260 and the RX box set to 1500 Hz.  T/R is commonly set to 15 seconds.

73 de Jim VE4CY

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With the upcoming meteor showers I decided to set up and familiarize myself with MSK 144.

Out of the box the 6M receive frequency is 50.260 and the TX CQ setting is 280, which means I am listening on 50.260 and transmitting on 50.280 if I check the box.

If everyone is listening on 50.260 and transmitting on 50.280 how does anyone hear anyone else 20 kHz away with a ~3kHz receive band width?

What am I missing here?

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