locked Clearer help with the "power" and "tune" features on wsjtx #GeneralGroupInfo #FT8


I have been using WSJTX for a couple of weeks now and find it interesting. However I am still unclear of the relationship between the "power" slider and the "tune" button. What I have read to do is to make sure your ALC is "0" before transmitting so you will have a clean signal. So what I do is turn power output on radio low to about 15 watts, then tune the radio to the frequency I want to use. Then press the "tune" button and adjust the slider so ALC level goes just below "1". Then release "tune"....then I make my contacts. Is this the correct way to use these features? Also when doing FT8 I make sure my compressors are off, NB off. I read some people run the "power" slider full open. I am still not exactly sure what this is doing. Is the "power" slider RF power? Audio power??? I set my "levels" control in Control panel>Sound>Playback>Levels to "0" db. So thats how I have rig set up but never could get clear confirmation I am doing it right. I assumed with all the contacts I have made everything is ok.

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