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There isn't a "worked before" button per se, but if you arrange your colours correctly it will effectively give you that. See attached screengrabs of my simple set up to allow that.

You order the colours by importance, to you, from the top down. you must tick the box alongside to make that colour active. You can can the dolours to siut your needs.

Once set up, a call you have not woked before will show, in my case, as Light blue.

If you have worked that station before, again in my case, it will appear as Pale yellow. This only applies to CQ calls though.

If a station you haven't worked before is working another station, the colour will not show.

In the other screengrab is an example of the colours allowing you to see New DXCC in Purple(DS4EOI or HL3GOB), a new Grid in Pink(JA6WJL), and CQ's from stations I have worked before in Pale yellow(OH3OJ).

There are no CQ's in Light blue,as althought DS4EOI, HL3GOB & JA6JWL are all new calls, DXCC & Grid are set as higher priority than a new call in the list of colours.

Anything other than a CQ will show as White.

This simple set up is adequate for my needs. Other programs can give you more features, such as JT Alert and those mentioned in previous posts.

It does take a few minutes to understand initially, but once done works well.

HTH 73 Bob G8HGN

On 10/04/2021 18:43, Phil Hazelton via groups.io wrote:
Just wondering why there isn’t a worked before colour in wsjtx ? I’m no programmer but I would have thought it would be an easy thing to include in WSJT X?
On 10 Apr 2021, at 17:37, Andrew OBrien <k3ukandy@...> wrote:

I don't think many things "go wrong" with the actual WSJT-X software but I do find that sometimes with JT-Alert and/or Gridtracker , some of their "things" stop working and can be a pain to troubleshoot.  So I tend to just run WSJT-X along with DXLabSuite for logging  and use DXLab Suite to do various tracking tasks.

Andy K3UK


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