Re: Uncertainty about what DX station is using #FoxAndHound


The others are:  that you're not on a 'normal' FT8/FT4 frequency for that band; WSJT-X locks them out.    And that you'll only see the HOUND stations replying on the ODDs only, and the FOX only calling CQ and giving responses on the EVEN.

On 4/8/2021 8:52 AM, Jim Spears wrote:
Assuming one can "see" the calling and working stations, watching to see if the DX is TX down around 300 - 500 Hz, the calling stations above 1000 Hz (except for those not knowing how to use F/H) then if the calling stations suddenly move their TX to or near the DX TX frequency to complete the exchange then one can assume the DX is using F/H.  I have not seen any other objective way to determine if or if not F/H is in use.


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