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You can merge ADIF files using any text editor as long as you keep the lines between each <EOR> together.


73 Phil GM3ZZA


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Hi All,


As I have seen a few threads regarding adi files merge questions. 

I am just finishing an enhancement to my Alltext.exe program to facilitate 

appending ADIF records from one adi file to another. The program 

will take care so that no duplicates will exists in the destination file no matter 

how many times the same files are used. Should be ready before the weekend.







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Hi Radi,

Just use any text editor such as Notepad. You need to open using that text editor program as you got Adifmaster installed. Cut and paste or copy and paste as appropriate from one log file to another one. Save the result so that Windows don’t add .txt to the filename or remove .txt by renaming the combined file.

Remember to check that you have only a single header (or none) at the beginning of the file.

Of course that method may be more complicated, if the QSOs you want amend are distributed all over the source file.

I think that also adif generate by the Adifmaster will be ok. You may take copies of the adif files and experiment by those.

73, Reino OH3mA


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Hi Carl,
Thanks for the response. You said ADIF Master is not needed. But then which application to use to open the wsjt_log.adi , cut QSOs from certain date blocks and create two new .adi files, one containing remaining QSOs and other cut and pasted QSO groups.
Now, Windows opens the log with ADIF Master as default application, but I am not sure that if I save logs from ADIF Master if the resulting logs would be legitimate for wsjtx !
Please clarify.
73, Radi f6gnz


73 Phil GM3ZZA

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