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Another way of doing it is that since you using JTAlert, you can set the B4 date to disregard any QSOs prior to the date of the start of the contest.  You would then also adjust the checkboxes on the B4 settings to ignore band or mode, etc.

If you're using a built-in WSJT-X contest mode, then just let it build the contest Cabrillo log for you, and not touch anything else.   However, if this is a 'local' contest not built-in to the program, doing what you have listed for the log is the way to go, but still adjust JTAlert for the B4 alert as mentioned above.

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 4/7/2021 11:52 AM, Bill Somerville wrote:
On 07/04/2021 17:27, Pete Ritter via groups.io wrote:
Contesting with WSJT-X, JTAlert, DXKeeper
What is the best way to work contests with the above software?  I want JTAlert's worked B4, WSJT-X's coloring, etc to be relevant to the contest only. Should I save my adif file before the contest begins and start a new one and then on contest close, merge the two?  I know to set the appropriate contest mode in WSJT-X. Is there anything else I need to do?

Hi Pete,

yes that is the recommend strategy.


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