locked Uncertainty about what DX station is using #FoxAndHound

John, K9MM

Occasionally, a DX station will show up using FT-8 on a non-standard frequency, and the question then becomes "Is he using F/H mode or standard mode"? That situation popped up yesterday when EP2LSH was on 14095 and not using F/H at the same time that C92RU was also operating in that segment.

It took me a few minutes of watching what was going on to convince me that EP2LSH was not using F/H. But afterwards, I was wondering if there is anything in the WSJT-X program which would have prevented me from working him if I was using F/H mode as Hound (assuming that he was transmitting even since I would be forced to transmit odd)? When a rare station pops up, pileups grow quickly, so time if of the essence.


John, K9MM

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