Re: #FT4 won't send TX5 #FT4

Martin G0HDB

On Sun, Apr 4, 2021 at 05:52 PM, Steve Lund wrote:
That was the problem, but it is also a bug.
I had been listening for C92RU on 80m FT8 F/H and saw a spot for ZL7DX on 20m FT4.
I moved to 20m and set mode to FT4.  [Remainder snipped]
Hi again Steve, glad that you found the cause of the issue.

You might want to try setting up different configurations for standard FT8 operation, FT8 Hound operation, and standard FT4 operation.  By using separate configs you can specify exactly which settings you want to use for each different operating mode and scenario, so the situation you encountered with WSJT-X remaining in Hound mode when you changed mode from FT8 to FT4 should never arise.  Having a dedicated config for FT8 Hound mode also enables you to define only the set of frequencies that are used in F/H mode - there's no danger of inadvertently operating as a Hound on the standard FT8 (or FT4!) frequencies.

Switching between configs is as fast as, and potentially faster than, changing from one mode to another, eg. FT8 to FT4, within a single config such as the default one.  All you need to do is, from the Configurations option in the main menu, is point at whichever of your pre-defined configs you want to use and then click on 'Switch to'.  The WSJT-X app will close and then restart in the newly-selected config; this takes maybe 1-2secs on my WIn10 system.

Martin G0HDB

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