Re: #FT4 won't send TX5 #FT4

Martin G0HDB

On Sun, Apr 4, 2021 at 07:27 AM, Steve Lund wrote:
I can't get FT4 to send the Tx5 73 message in version 2.3.1. It jumps back to Tx1 and won't log the QSO!!

032352 Tx 1949 + ZL7DX K6UM CN85

032400 6 -0.0 1737 + K6UM ZL7DX +17

032407 Tx 1949 + ZL7DX K6UM R+06

032415 6 -0.0 1737 + K6UM ZL7DX RR73

032422 Tx 1949 + ZL7DX K6UM CN85

Hi Steve, you haven't inadvertently left WSJT-X configured as a 'Hound' via the Settings > Advanced > Special Operating Activity settings, have you?

Although I've never tried it there doesn't seem to be anything to prevent the selection of Fox & Hounds mode when you're in FT4; if you're in Hound mode then your system won't send the Tx5 73 message after it's received the RR73 from the apparent Fox because it's not deemed necessary to send a final, confirmatory 73 to a Fox. 

I know that when operating as an FT8 Hound my system never sends a 73 after receiving the Fox's RR73 but I don't recall if the system automatically reverts to the Tx1 message - I'll have to check when I next operate as a Hound!

Martin G0HDB

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