locked Help with the settings for IC 7300 and WSJTX #FT8


OK I have 2 computers, a DELL and an HP. I had WSJTX working GREAT on the DELL.....make a ton of contacts on FT8. When I got up today, before turning anything on I switched to the HP computer cause its faster with an SSD and 32 GB ram. And its really the MAIN computer I use. So when I  booted into Windows (10) I turned on power supply, then the 7300. I opened WSJTX only to find this stupid error. For the life of me I just couldnt get anything to work. Here are the errors...Is there ANY WAY I can get STEP BY STEP proper settings for running FT* on my IC 7300? I looked at many websites/videos and they are all showing different settings under MENU>SET>CONNECTORS>CI-V.....plus maybe a couple more settings in the menu. I am sure I have all the right things set in the SETTINGS of WSJTX. But there are still a couiple of settings that others have differently. I just need to know the correct settings for the WSJTX software and the IC 7300 for running FT8. Like I said it was working FB on my DELL computer last night. When I switched computers I couldnt get it to work, as you can see in the attached pictures. After reading manuals, going online etc I still cant find EXACT settings. I ended up switching back to DELL computer where I also ran into SAME ISSUE!!!! So I did a TOTAL RESET on the IC 7300 and apparently that helped because its working again. But WHY the unstable issues? Maybe someone can look at the errors and see what I need to fix. Thanks!

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