locked Re: #linux #linux

Bill W1PA

I'm having a similar issue with a microKEYER II, Ubuntu, and a 910H.  I had a working configuration on Win10, but on a smaller laptop with a small display.  Tried to move everything over to a larger Ubuntu laptop, and although the microkeyer and rig are talking through CAT (e.g. freq stays synced, i get a good "green" CAT test button), the display on the microKEYER is blank.  I've gone through the configuration of mxuhd to no avail. I put my user in dialout, set permissions, etc. This appears to be the only reference I can find to a working configuration with linux and the microKEYER: https://qsl.net/oh7fes/wsjtx.htm

Does anyone have Ubuntu, microKEYER, an Icom, and wsjt-x playing nice?

Is there any performance difference in linux to justify the extra hoops to jump through?  (i.e. should I just succumb and put Win10 on the bigger laptop)?


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