locked Re: FT8 and 73: #FT8

Martin G0HDB

On Thu, Apr 1, 2021 at 02:14 PM, Charlie Hoffman wrote:
I send  RR73.
When I receive a 73 then the QSO is complete.
If I don't receive a 73 then I consider the contact incomplete.
I don't log a QSO until I receive a 73 from the other station.
My log - my rules.
It is indeed your log and you can enter QSOs into it on whatever basis you choose, but by not logging a QSO when you send your RR73 you're potentially not logging perfectly valid QSOs.  The final 73 that you await/require before logging a QSO may be a nice courtesy but is completely superfluous as far as the completion of the exchange of the essential information required for the QSO is concerned.

Martin G0HDB

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