locked Re: macOS NTP problems in Big Sur #Timesync #macOS

Steve Golson

On 3/29/21 9:11 AM, Steve Golson wrote:
Hi all,
If you are running Big Sur on Mac, check your time. Try https://time.is
There seems to be a defect in Apple's "timed" daemon, which is responsible for maintaining accurate time in Big Sur. I saw an offset of 2s, but others have reported tens of seconds.
See these discussions:
According to those links, Apple is aware of this bug. So hopefully they will have a fix in a future update.
It appears that something confuses the state of "timed" and as a result it successfully tracks UTC, but with an offset.
If your time is accurate, then don't do anything. But if your time is messed up, here is a workaround.
After further investigation, it seems that certain NTP servers cause Apple's "timed" to get confused. However the Apple server time.apple.com works fine.

So if you see a time offset with macOS Big Sur, try this:

1. Open System Preferences / Date & Time / Date & Time

2. "Set date and time automatically" should be checked, which indicates you've been relying on the flawed "timed" daemon.

3. Click the lock to make changes

4. Change the host to the default "time.apple.com."

5. Close the System Preferences window

Within a few hours, your computer should snap back to the correct time.

Hopefully Apple will have this fixed soon, and we can go back to using any NTP server.


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