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Jon Ermels

?? I was taught as a Novice 33 years ago that Roger meant the report was received, 73 meant good wishes. RR73 means  the report was received and best wishes. Pretty simple to me. 

73 de NØIGU Jon

On Thursday, April 1, 2021, 12:31:38 AM CDT, Carl - WC4H via groups.io <wc4h.dx@...> wrote:

If you want to keep transmitting, you just click on enable as soon as it goes off.

The reasoning is as follows:
RRR implies 73 & RR73 explicitly says 73.
Once a 73 response is received to either RRR or RR73, it's a completed QSO.

That some people refuse to accept it as a complete QSO is true, but most do and most log the QSO when they get prompted to.

It's up to you what you log.  I go by the report received.  That is if I get a good signal report  I assume he/she is copying my final 73 so I log.  If I'm receiving a -20 I'll wait to log it.

Carl - WC4H

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