locked Re: FT8 and 73: #FT8

Jim Brown

On 3/31/2021 9:55 PM, Carl - WC4H via groups.io wrote:
RRR implies 73 & RR73 explicitly says 73.
Once a 73 response is received to either RRR or RR73, it's a completed QSO.
It's even simpler than that. A QSO is complete if both stations copy R from the other. If the other station sends R-10 again, it means he didn't copy your RRR or RR73. If he calls CQ (or calls another station), it means he did. This corresponds directly to standard practice for DX and contesting for at least 30 years.

The "official" message protocols were developed decades ago for weak signal work on VHF/UHF. HF operation is different. :)

73, Jim K9YC

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