locked Re: Q65 & LOTW #Q65

Jim Brown

On 3/28/2021 1:21 PM, neil_zampella wrote:
LoTW will not accept the submode until its been approved.    They did the same with FT4 even though it was also a submode of MFSK.    TQSL will need to have a configuration update in order to upload the contact as Q65, you can add a 'conversion' so any contacts you have logged as Q65 will be uploaded as DATA. Otherwise they will be rejected with an error, as did those FT4 QSOs that were uploaded before the ADIF committee approved them and LoTW updated for the submode.
The obvious solution is to delay uploading your log with Q65 QSOs until that happens. The only downside is that ALL of your QSO partners will have to wait for that to happen. No biggie -- MANY hams only upload a few times a year.

73, Jim K9YC

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