locked Re: #FT8 receptions report on PSK #FT8

Jacques Pecourt

Thank you Bill.  This makes sense and is certainly the reason. As you know, we  talked about that long ago, WSJT restriction does not allow me to incorporate the grid after CQ suqre as shown with the ft8/code. I will try your suggestion.

73's  Jacques.

On Sat, 27 Mar 2021 at 11:05, Bill Somerville <g4wjs@...> wrote:
On 27/03/2021 14:45, Jacques Pecourt wrote:
I have to ask the following question: I have not been able to understand  why PSK Reporter.only recognizes me as a :"Monitor station" (large bubble with no L inside). Is the fact I use a "compound call sign:'' the reason?  I have uploaded thousands of files to Lotw for years, even occasionally being called by stations with no CQ sent on my side. I would assume that all my settings are right (check in the reporting box, 6 characters in the grid number, antenna description/band).
Any suggestions or explanations on this issue?.Thank you.

Jacques  W2/F2YS.

Hi Jacques,

WSJT-X only spots to PSKReporter decodes with gridsquares. Try sending this after some of your QSOs:



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