locked Re: 2.4 rc4 and FTDX101MP #Cat_RigControl

Buddy Morgan

Downloaded 2.4 rc4. It works fine with my IC 9700 and my IC 7100. Still can't get any version of 2.4 to work with my FTDX101MP. 2.2 worked fine with the FTDX101MP. I tried an early version of 2.3 and it did not work with the '101.
I get the following error message,from 2.4 rc4:

Hamlib error: Feature not implemented
newcat_set_freq: special_60m=0, 60m freq=0, is_ftdx3000=0
newcat.c(784):newcat_set_freq return(-4)
rig.c(1724):rig_set_freq return(-4) while setting frequency

Timestamp: 2021-03-26T16:37:57.789Z

I would really like to get it working with my FTDX101. I am using Windows 10, on a HP All-In-One. I have not changed any settings on either the radio or the WSJT software.
Any ideas?

Buddy WB4OMG

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