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Martin G0HDB

On Mon, Mar 22, 2021 at 05:15 PM, Bob Frostholm wrote:

Not settings;

Currently you need to do the following:

Click File:

Click Settings:

Click Advanced:

Click Special operating Activity:

Click Hound:

Click Okay:

A single button on the home page would be much more convenient.

Currently you don't need to do all that; using Configurations you can:

Click Configurations (on the main menu)

Highlight the configuration you've previously created - let's call it 'FT8 Hound' - and click on 'Switch to'

And that's it - WSJT-X will close and then restart, within a second or two, using all the dedicated settings for the Hound configuration.  What could be simpler than that...?

Martin G0HDB

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