locked Re: IC-7300 rf output only on WSJT-X Tune #AudioIssues

Chris, HB9DFG

Dear group

I also have problems with my output since past weeks on my IC-7300 v1.40
and WSJT 2.3.0 / 0c42df.
Since somebody mentioned something similar in the IC-9700 group I used
the search function here in this group and I finally saw in some threads that
there is a problem with the "Tune" button and the "enable TX" combination.

Meanwhile I am back on WSJT 2.2.1 / a17eb9  - and all is running perfectly.
fine. So I will wait for the WSJT 2.4.0 GA and hope this bug will be solved
until then.

Many thanks and I am glad I found the reason, so my IC-7300 is not faulty ;-)
Chris, HB9DFG

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