Locked Re: Jump to Receive Frequency in F/H Mode #FT8 #FoxAndHound

Bill, WB6JJJ

You just need to be transmitting above 1000 Hz in Fox/ Hound mode then the software will automatically take care of your QSO frequency excursions.

Definitely normal... the program will move you to his frequency for your reply. If he doesn’t hear you, he will move you up a bit to a hopefully clear spot. That is what happened to me this evening.

Sherwood, Oregon

On Mar 20, 2021, at 8:35 PM, Larry Weaver <larryiweaver@...> wrote:

I was trying to work A25RU on 80 meters FT8 this evening in F/H mode. I had my transmit freq set to about 2550 HZ. When A25RU called me my transmit freq would jump to his freq to respond. Is this normal? I thought the TX freq would stay locked. I was in "Hound " mode when this happened, twice. Other times I had used F/H mode in the past few days I never noticed this happen. Any comments or pointers would be appreciated.


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