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Hello everyone,

I am working with a Mac (macOS High Sierra; Intel 4 Core I5; 16GB Ram + WJTX 2.3)

I recently got the Yaesu FTdx-10 running on FT8 after a lot of messing around with settings both on the radio and the computer. Now it works great on all bands except on 60 meters I can't get it to transmit. Keeping all of the same settings, it receives well but when I attempt to transmit, the radio switches over to transmit but there is no output. (Same settings except for band/mode, which is restricted on 60 meters.)

When I access the 60M channel I select memory 5-03 and it shows it being in USB mode. it will not let me change modes to DATA-U, which I use on all the other bands. I read somewhere that you can just use it in USB mode for FT8. So if I click the "Tune" button, the radio goes to transmit mode but switches out of the member mode to VFO-A/DATA-U but there is not output. It seems strange that the radio would dump out of the memory mode on this band due to the restrictions. 

But regarding the lack of output it suggests that the radio wants to transmit but is not getting any audio from the computer. But all of the settings on the computer are the same ones that work just fine on all the other bands. (In fact I poked around in the settings and actually lost the setup for the regular bands but I did not know what I did to cause that. So it took a lot of poking around to get that back and I am still not sure exactly what I did to bring it back.)

I'm out of ideas.

73, Rip K3XO

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