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A group of us have been trying out Q65 on 432 Mhz. We've been getting good results. Even with minimum tropo conditions in dry subzero air I've been able to work stations over 200 miles away using 70 watts to a 9 element Yagi. I've heard a couple of stations from 500 miles away, but haven't been able to work them. (They were running in the 400 -500W range).

I've managed to receive signals down to -29dB. I'm impressed with the mode.

See the attached PSK reporter screen capture. (I'm the marker up high on the far right).

73 de Jim VE4CY

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Hi all, I have been watching the messages pertaining to Q65 and have not seen any mentions on UHF or SHF and was wondering if people have had success experimenting on 432 and 1296 with this mode via EME or other paths?


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