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With scatter, the more power the better..  But 80W into 3 elements will work well.  (I'm getting good results with 100W into 4 elements).  I have a friend who makes contacts using a simple dipole.

There are two great online resources for meteor scatter.   The first is PSK reporter.  Above the map, fill in the filter boxes with the appropriate info.  That will let you see everyone who is running MSK144 on 6 meters over a given time period.  This will also let you see the overall conditions at a glance.  (It works for other digital modes as well).  And... So you can share your results on the site, make sure you have "Enable PSK Reporter Spotting" checked off in the Reporting tab in the Settings menu.

There's an online chat site called Ping Jockey.  All the die hard scatter guys hang out there and discuss current conditions and all things scatter:

73 de Jim VE4CY

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OK, thanks.  I will be listening there over the next 24-48 hours and call the occasional CQ.
Running 80 Watts into a 3-element Yagi currently pointing SE.

73 de va7qi,             ....Erik.

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