locked Re: FT8 #logging

Bill Somerville

On 16/03/2021 21:58, Ken via groups.io wrote:
I have created two instances of WSJT-X, one configured for my K3 and one configured for my IC-7610 Radio.
Both instances work.

Does anyone know how to point configure both Instances to use the same ADI Log file.
I would like to be able to switch between RIGs but maintain a common ADI file so stations worked on either radio will still show up as worked so I do not duplicate previous QSO's.

Ken - W8KEN

Hi Ken,

you can do that with a minor limitation. Create a symlink (hard link on MS WIndows) so that same log file is visible in both instances log files directory. You will need to merge the two log files into one before doing that, just append one to the other omitting the header record.

The limitation is that QSOs made on one instance will not be visible to the other until the log file is re-scanned ("Setting->Colors->Rescan ADIF log") or the instance is restarted.


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