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Bob Turner

I found the Meinburg monitoring software refuses to run because “NTP Service not installed”.   I tried it with Run As Administrator, same results.  It appears we need to install the Meinburg NTP service as well.  I did not.  The “Windows Time” service is running.  My windows 10 version is build 19041.867.


I was running Dimension 4.  I recently removed Dim4 to see how inaccurate my PC clock is.  It’s been about 24 hours without Dim4.  My time is 0.027 seconds fast.


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The NTP system will work anyway, the Meinburg monitoring software is realy only an additional benefit.  I look at the graphs occasionally and check that there are a number of Stratum 2 and 3 systems in the NTP Status tab.  It is old software now, so I doubt Meinburg will be offering any support for it anymore...

Using the command 'ntpq -pn' in a command prompt will tell you that NTP is running and which systems your PC has heard from.

Cheers - Dave (G0DJA)

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