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One thing to check is your computer time.  It has to be pretty accurate or you'll get no decodes..  

You can check your system time accuracy by going to  https://time.is/

From: "Ron Schunk" <ron051798@...>
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Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2021 8:56:24 AM
Subject: [WSJTX] Not receiving anything... #GeneralGroupInfo

Been having a problem off and on...I can see a lot of activity in the Waterfall, but nothing is showing up on the Band Activity Window...I can TEST CAT and that works, I can Enable TX and I see my call go out on the RX Frequency window, I"m showing green on the Receiving button, the receiving bar stays solid green at about 37db, I can hit the TUNE button and see my output go up...but nothing on the Band Activity window....running ver. 2.2.2 to a FT857..
Any ideas????

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