Locked 2.4 and FTDX101MP #Cat_RigControl

Buddy Morgan

Since I downloaded 2.4, I have had problems getting my FTDX101MP to work with the software. I have got it to work a few times - I have no idea how I did it. 2.4 works fine with my IC 9700 and my IC 7100. When I try the '101, I get the following error message:

Hamlib error: Feature not implemented
newcat_set_freq: special_60m=0, 60m freq=0, is_ftdx3000=0
newcat.c(782):newcat_set_freq return(-4)
rig.c(1592):rig_set_freq return(-4) while setting frequency

Timestamp: 2021-03-16T12:50:51.749Z

Any help would be appreciated.

Buddy Morgan WB4OMG

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