Re: FT4 contest #FT4

Martin G0HDB

I agree that the statuses of this weekend's 'FT4 DX Contest' and also last year's 'FT4/8 DX Contests' in Feb/Mar and April 2020 respectively do seem rather strange...

Last April I emailed a log for the FT8 contest to the specified address of europeanft8club@... but never received either an automated or a manual acknowledgement that my log had been received, and I haven't been able to find any results for that contest anywhere on the web.  I've also just emailed my log for this weekend's FT4 DX Contest to the same address and again I haven't received an automated confirmation of my submission of the log - time will tell if I receive a manual confirmation.

The web page for the 'European FT8 Club' does show a set of rules for an FT8 DX Contest in April 2019 as well as the rules for the same contest in April 2020 and an FT4 contest in Feb/Mar 2020; there's also a set of rules for an FT8 DX Contest on 10-11 April this year.

It might be entirely coincidental but the LZ stations that I copied on 20m and 40m in this weekend's FT4 contest did seem to be remarkably strong for stations that were supposed to be running no more than 100W - the contest rules only permit Low-power and QRP stations - and they also seemed to be sending serial numbers far higher than most of the other reports I copied and received during the contest...

If anyone can shed any light on the status of this 'European FT8 Club' and the FT4/8 contests it seems to organise then I'm sure lots of people will be interested.  The absence of any clear information about the Club, its officers and membership and the contests it organises does make me begin to wonder if its sole purpose is to harvest email addresses to be used for nefarious purposes...

Martin G0HDB

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