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Might be a privacy setting.......    Check your Privacy settings and make sure that WSJT-X has access to the microphone.

Open 'Settings' -> Choose 'Privacy'.    On the left hand side of the Privacy window, choose 'Microphone'.   Make sure that the feature "Allow apps to access your microphone" is set to ON.

If that's not it, hopefully someone else can help.

73 de Jim VE4CY

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Subject: [WSJTX] "Error in Sound Input" w/ WIN 10 #AudioIssues #NewUser #txaudio

Hi Folks,
I'm a new user of WSJT-X trying to get up and running with my new IC-705 with a MS Surface running Win 10.  While all of the setup has gone smoothly and I'm able to receive and decode signals as expected I cannot send. When I use the "tune" I'll hear a system sound through the default speakers followed shortly by this "Error in Sound Input".  The rig goes into transmit mode but no signal is sent.  I'm at wit's end on this and I appreciate any ideas on what to be looking for.  Here are set of screen shots that should be helpful in sorting through this.
Thank You!

Here is the radio setup page.  As you can see the test functions work as expected:

Here is the audio setup page.  Using the USB Audio Codecs;

Here is the Windows audio setup page showing WSJT-X configured for the USB Codecs

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