locked How does this happen #FT4

Al - N1API

WSJT-X quit on me in the middle of working the FT4 Contest it gave me the windows error that the program quit and it crashed.   I was unable to restart it.  First thing I did was to restart the computer, same problem.   I then downloaded the latest version and installed it.   Same problem.   It would not recognize the FTdx5000.   I switched to the 857D no problems.

I went back to my setup notes and started check my setting. and was just wondering "what could have changed" in the middle of an exchange.   All the setting were the same, (so thought I), but there was no CAT and no XMIIT control..  Then I noticed it.   The radio setting changed from the FTdx5000 to the FIRST radio in he drop down list.   I set it BACK to the FTdx5000 and all was well with the world again.

I am just wondering how and why that could have happened without and changed initiated by myself?

Ideas?  Comments?

Al - N1API

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