WSPR Band hopping V2.4.0 RC1 not working on Yaesu FT450D with SCU-17 #BugReport #WSPR

Erwin - PE3ES - F4VTQ

I thought the band hopping issue had been solved after V2.2.2 but when I started a complete schedule (all HF bands active for all 4 timeframes) with my FT450D connected via SCU-17 interface the rig stayed on 1 band.

I tried V2.3.0 and same issue, no WSPR band hopping

I tried V2.2.0 and the known sub process error crashed WSJTx

CAT works and band changes when asked to by hand.
Decoding works etc.

Connected PC is Windows10

Any other things I would need to try or check for confirmation?

de Erwin

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