Re: Unable to PTT Kenwood TS 570D #AudioIssues

Rick Chapman

Hi Gregg

If the red PTT light in the SignalLInk is not coming on when you press TUNE,  I think your problem lies in the SignaLink.  PTT to your tranceiver is controlled by the CAT connection which you shown is working.

There are (at least) two versions of the SignaLink.

I have one older version and one newer version (with black transformers)  The newer SignaLink is less sensitive to TX audio and the PTT would not key even with the audio out from WSJT-X set to max (0dB), until I fitted jumper J4 in the SignaLink, then it worked just fine and TX audio is switched to the transceiver and the WSJT-X power slider works nicely.

The Test PTT button is supposed to go red, that's not a fault.


Rick (GM4JIB)

On 23/02/2021 16:34, Gregg wrote:

Hi there!

I have WSJT-X running on ubuntu and I can receive signals fine but I have not been able to get PTT working to transmit

Attached are my settings. I'm currently using a SignalLink Connected to both the radio and my computer and I have a serial cable connected from my computer to the radio. Clicking the Test PTT button makes the radio go into TX mode but then the button turns red. Nothing lights up on the SignaLink.

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