Re: Impossible to choose Left / Right audio input #AudioIssues #BugReport

Reino Talarmo


Just for interest which USB audio device you are using for your USB input? Is it a rig, Signalink or similar or some audio dongle? If the last one, which type or maker?

73, Reino OH3mA


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several other users and I have confirmed that WSJT-X correctly reads from stereo channels as specified in the "Settings->Audio" panel. My test was rigorous and found no fault in the implementation. Yo do not need to refer to any files, the WSJT-X audio channel settings are visible and adjustable by you the user in the "Settings->Audio" panel.


To resolve your issue you must investigate your setup outside of WSJT-X, the problem does not lie within the WSJT-X impelemention.




On 23/02/2021 18:13, Henk PA0C wrote:


Good to hear there is no problem in WSJT.

However, my problem is WSJT specific.

All other applications work OK with the same WIN10 settings/ports.

So the question becomes:

- where and in what files do I find the specific WSJT audio settings.

I presume I have to dig into those to get my problem resolved.

73 Henk



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On 23/02/2021 09:54, Henk PA0C wrote:
> It is not possible to choose Left or Right audio channel in 2.3.0. and
> 2.4.0 rc1.
> Both audio channels have the same content.
> Using USB audio input.
> Other applications have no difficulty using the same L/R USB
> microphone input.
> They see a clear difference between L and R input (and can select one)
> Mic. is set fot 2 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz. (but other 2 channel
> settings make no difference)
> Did try other USB ports of the PC.
> I deleted all WSJT instances, cleaned the register, removed all USB
> audio ports (hidden and shown), restarted several times.
> Did a new install on a separate laptop.
> All with no result.


I have just double-checked this using a tone generated by Audacity and
played by through VAC to WSJT-X. I can select left channel input in
"Settings->Audio" and swing the playback balance in Audacity from left
to right and see the level at maximum in WSJT-X when the balance is
fully left, and minimum level (silence) when the balance is fully right.
Conversely when I select the right channel for input in
"Settings->Audio" I see maximum and minimum levels in WSJT-X with
balance right and left respectively.

Stereo input channel selection is definitely working in WSJT-X,
something is wrong with your setup if you are not getting that.



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