Re: Unable to PTT Kenwood TS 570D #AudioIssues

Reino Talarmo

I have picked following mail. It may help you.

First, be sure you have the 13-pin DIN connector oriented properly - it can be inserted upside down, which

of course does not work (but luckily does no electrical damage).

Now the solution: When you are using the Signalink USB you MUST select VOX as the PTT method ni the

WSJT-x setup, Do NOT select CAT! CAT PTT takes tx audio from the Mic jack, not from the 13-pin DIN

connector on the rear panel.. PTT from the 13 pin DIN (supplied by the VOX in the Signalink) chooses

audio from that same accessory connector. .

Hope you succeed so I can work you on Field Day.



73, Reino OH3mA


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