Re: WSJT-X adif logfile, difficult to read #FT8

Jeff Stillinger

On 2/23/21 9:17 AM, Cees v.d.Laan wrote:
Good afternoon members, recently I installed WSJT-X.
The program works perfectly and I have made a number of FT8 connections.
Still, I have two questions about wsjtx_log file.
1. When I open the file with Wordpad, I get a hard-to-read registration of the connection made, for example:

9A2KS JN65 FT8 -06 +09 20201212 152145 20201212 152332 20m 14.076417 PA3CVI JO21SL 140W PA3CVI
9A4ZM JN64 FT8 -14 -10 20201212 153145 20201212 153245 20m 14.076055 PA3CVI JO21SL 140w PA3CVI
SX2500S <mod.............
Is there also an editor or something like that where I get a clearly ordered overview?
2. Is there a possibility within WSJT-X to create an already
to recognize a worked call.
NB. i PC: Windows 10.
Cees vd Laan, PA3CVI, 73

Jeff Stillinger - KB6IBB
KB6IBB Laboratories
Wylie, Texas - United States

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