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On Sun, Feb 21, 2021 at 12:04 PM, Cliff Fox (KU4GW) wrote:
That was also a pretty accurate description of the licensing question pool study manuals of today as compared to the ones of just 24 years ago. I think they all need to require new hams at least get a basic understanding of the theory instead of just memorizing the questions and answers.


An SWR report - that's classic. 

One of the reasons I lament the loss of such thorough manuals is that one could learn from them. In fact, any reasonably curious person couldn't help but learn from them.

Unfortunately, entropy in all things is the rule of the Universe.

I was once hired by one of the largest companies in the world to assist their psychometrician in the development of a series of tests for the purported purpose of meaningful technical certification on certain products with which I was an expert.

It turned out that the real purpose was to develop tests that would give the appearance of being very difficult, but in actuality would facilitate easy certification. They wanted as many people to become certified as possible, as easily and quickly as possible, so that there would be a larger pool of their certified consultants than of the competitors’ certified consultants, which in turn would result in more of their products being adopted than those of their competitors.

The manufacturer had simply adapted to a market in which technical managers were more interested in assuring the continuity of their employment than the success of their projects because project failure in the industry was so widespread that employment was not contingent upon project success. When presented with two candidates – one manufacturer certified and the other not – they would routinely select the best certified candidate rather than the most qualified. This was because the manager would not be blamed for failure if they had hired a consultant certified by the manufacturer.

The whole process seems perverse on its face, but it makes perfect sense once you understand the underlying motivators.

Amateur licensing is similar. For my part, I actively seek out those who genuinely wish to learn (as opposed to those who just expect an answer to their immediate problem) and try to encourage them and assist in whatever ways I can. I’m reluctantly thankful to the masses of the willfully ignorant in that in a democratic society they help ensure the continued availability of the hobby.

So, Jon, don’t give up. My 991A is at Yaesu for repair, but when I receive it back I will happily walk you through setting it up to work on 60M.

Ken M.

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