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I have been calling CQ on 50.313 the last couple days.
Dunno if that is the correct spot.

Also wonder is there a web-based BBS where MANY ops hang out who might
notice if I relayed the fact I am on 6m Q65-30A ? It's ahrd to find anyone using it on 6m


Hi Bob:

Most people have "Enable PSK Reporting" set in the reporting tab. The tab is in the 'settings' function. When set, all contacts are logged on PSK reporter. (providing you have an internet connection). This makes it an excellent resource.

I use the PSK Reporter map to see who's on what frequency and what mode they are using.


In the above link, fill in the boxes on the top of the map like this:

On [6 meters] show [signals] [sent/rcvd] by [anyone] using [Q65] over the last [choose your time].

That will show you who's talking to who. Also.. Some people leave WSJT-X running when they're away from the computer. If you call CQ and and unattended station picks you up, your station will show up as a pin on the PSK map.. even though nobody answered you.

As mentioned use 50.275 Mhz for 6m Q65

73 de Jim VE4CY

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