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Lance Collister, W7GJ <w7gj@...>

Hi Bob,

You can coordinate 6m activity on the ON4KST REGION 2 CHAT PAGE:

http://www.on4kst.info/chat/login.php?band=7 <http://www.on4kst.info/chat/login.php?band=7>

You probably didn't get much activity though because 50.313 is the FT8 calling frequency. Q65-30A for ionospheric propagation is most likely taking place either on 50.305 or 50.275. GL and VY 73 Lance

On 2/21/2021 17:01:57, KD7YZ Bob wrote:
I have been calling CQ on 50.313 the last couple days.
Dunno if that is the correct spot.

Also wonder is there a web-based BBS where MANY ops hang out who might
notice if I relayed the fact I am on 6m Q65-30A ? It's ahrd to find anyone using it on 6m

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