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David Redman

I never got wsjt-x to work on TX  with rig control on my FT2000 when using the FT2000 transverter mode.

As you say it faults on TX, I tried entering 44.xxx into wsjt-x but that didn, t work either.

The FT2000 works well with wsjt-x on HF and 6m full rig control so I think it's a strange fault when in transverter and tx mode.( I don't thing its rig control but the way the FT2000 goes into transverter mode and displays 44.xxxMHz

I could use the FT2000 with a transverter by attenuating the 100w and using a 116MHz offset in wsjt-x to get doppler correction etc ( if going to use 144MHz as an IF for 23cms and higher bands but in the end I didn't like attenuating 100w to 10mW for the transverter and I used another HF rig as prime mover.

I did ask on the wsjt reflector but it seemed some 2 years ago nobody had solved the issue... Maybe somebody has?

If you find a solution well done and I would be interested as the FT2000 would make an idea transverter source and for the higher uhf and microwave bands it will change frequency on TX which even some more modern rigs will not do

Good luck


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Problem with ver.2.3.0 on My band (2m with transverter). Display shows 44,174MHz ( i have offset -100MHz in setup) and it's OK on RX, but on TX program pop up window with message that its. not correct freq. 

Boris 9a3tn

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