Locked [WSJT-X] Unable to properly #install wsjt=-x auto logging to Log4OM #install

Andy_501 <andrew.webb.501.ve4per@...>

It appears Win10 Pro's latest update has made a change to access to port 80 such that Wampache64 portion of the WAMP server bundle does not start.

Thus without apache running phpmyadmin will not give access to a MariadB or mysql Log4OM database if you chose to use that on install of Log4OM. Not sure if https default port was likewise affected. I completely lost all Log4OM db setups when I assumed it was a corrupt WAMP s/w and re-installed it before discovering the port 80 block.

I changed the port config in the wampache64 tools to 8088 and all started normally so it appears I can rebuild the lost log database. If anyone has come across this and has a fix to restore access to the standard http and https ports of 80 & 443 any info and tips would be appreciated.

Some suggested google search fixes suggest it is related to iis service having to be disabled in windows control panel Programs & Features --> turn windows features on/off disable web services but that is already OFF when I checked so that is not causing the block.

Getting WSJT-x to autolog to Log4OM for me on hold now until I can come up with a fix so that all three services apache, Maria/msql dB's and php all work properly with original default port settings so I can safely rebuild the db to work with and have WSJT-x access.

Thanks & 73

Andy ve4per

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