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I am using ubuntu 20.04LTS also with an IC-7300 and even though the settings look right I found a couple of things out about it that might be useful. 

Disable automatic device switching
  1. edit the file /etc/pulse/default.pa.
  2. find the line load-module module-switch-on-port-available.
  3. insert a # at the beginning of the line to disable automatic port switching.
  4. save file and exit editor.
  5. type pulseaudio -k to reload configuration.


When I power down the radio only it seemed to stay proper; but if I powered down the rigs power supply also that completely disabled the USB port from the IC-7300 and ubuntu then switched devices around. Using the disable steps above was a help.

Another useful item was adding a launch icon to the Pulse Audio Volume Control app to the taskbar so that I can open it and confirm the input, output, recording assignments are all correctly assigned. I run all three browsers at the same time in different workspaces  Chrome opens qrz.com HamQTH.net pskReporter RBN as well as eQSL and LoTW tabs; Chromium opens home security CCTV monitors, CBC Gem and U-Tube news channels subscriptions, and Firefox is open for normal researching and some email like THunderbird. Now each of these show up in the PAVU listing when you open it so you can assign any audio from then to an appropriate sound output you want. I found they get changed around when changes are left automatic and the rig is powered up/down as described. So it is handy to have available to check and verify everything set up the way you need it to be. I have a Mackie 8CH mixer board with USB i/o built in that gets treated as a sound device (ie eg 2309) and the ICOM usb shows as 2301 a default shows up for the onboard motherboard built in sound card and the hdmi port that feeds the monitor with built in sound bar also shows up as a device. So it is great useful tool to have PAVU open to ensure the right sound devices are assigned to correct programs etc.

I also found running FLDigi, JTDX and WSJT-x that sound devices and associated names can be slightly different as well and it is a helpful tool in deciding what to device spec to pick when setting those programs up for audio devices as well. In those cases shutting down the power supply say at the end of an operating session of course auto configures all the devices and when you return the next morning you notice the devices arent right so just a word to the wise. Once I learned to leave the rig PS on when shutting down and disabled the autoswitching devices it seems to have settled down to where each different program can be launched and have a reasonable expectation that all will start running with correct device configs working.

my 2 cents FWIW

73 & Gud DX


On 2021-02-20 11:03 a.m., ve4cy wrote:
Attached is a screen shot of the audio settings I'm using with my IC-9700 and my Ubuntu based Linux distro.

73 de Jim VE4CY

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Subject: [WSJTX] Help: Ubuntu 20.04 Audio settings for IC7300 and IC9700 #linux

Can anyone point in me in the direction of some guidance for setting up the audio with either IC7300 or IC9700 in Ubuntu 20.04 ?

I don't seem to be able to get it behaving - I either get the Tx audio coming out the LapTop speakers or none at all.

Also Linux keeps changing the system sound to use the Radio devices each time I plug them in.

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