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Are you using an IC-7300 and ubuntu 20.04 I am here also if so

If I power off the radio only nothing happens but if I power off the power supply for the radio the rig's UB audio port drops from the ububntu repertoire and it auto switches audio assignments. When I power it back on (ie the PS only) the USB audio is detected on ubuntu and it recinfigures sound assigments again. What I found was had to get coomand off google search to enter in terminal to stop the autoconfiguring of USB audio devices then use the pavu volume control to configure devices inputs/outputs/recording /playback etc to what was needed  manually.

Then start WSJT-X  JTDX and FLDigi and tweek them all to get the right combination to work properly for each of the programs and then it seemed to stabilize. the spec you showed alsa-input and alsa-output is correct one I use for wsjtx and jtdx but if I recall correctly it is different on FLDigi. I had to enable realtime kernel and run jack audio connection kit app to get the flexibility to find the correct ones. Now it is set and all three programs come up OK with jack audio being needed.

Hope this helps

73 Gud Dx Andy ve4per

On 2021-02-18 4:44 p.m., Pa3gcu wrote:
Hello all, and Bill.

Bill, i have finally got the microkeyer 3 working with ubuntu but not with 20.04, i installed 18.04

on another computer installed everything in the same way as on 20.04. Installed wsjtx 2.2.2 (had depenency problems but they were easy to solve).

Now the funny thing was when i started wsjtx and configured the rig etc, went to the audio tab and found the devices were there automaticly defined as:



the xx was a combination of letters and numbers.

Now after a reboot wsjtx did not work properly, rig control was ok but sound errors came up, when i opened the audio tab there was a complete different set of devices which did not work.

After some experimenting with different devices i found that the following worked;



There were 30 devices to choose from.

I only hope it keeps working after the next reboot:-)

If anyone can explane why the first set of devices dissapiered after a reboot i would be interested

to hear what he or she has to say.

Anyway it works, i wonder how many mkIII's there are out there running on linux.

Again thanks to all who helpt especially Bill.

73 Richard PA3GCU.

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