locked Re: PWR slider behaviour #transmit

Nico Ebbendorf

Thanks again Bill.

This is the trick!. The issue is indeed the internal soundcard setting in the FTDX101. Followed your instruction as per link below and adjusted the RPORT GAIN to just get ALC reading on the meter.
Default setting of the RPORT is 50 and my setting now is 2, just above nothing... But I can control the PWR slider and lokks linear and stable now.
I can play a little with the setting in the Windows audio mixer and have the RPORT now at position 5 and the audio mixer at -10dB. This gives me a good control over de power without ALC reading.

It looks that the audio gain inside the FTDX101 is much higher then the external soundcard in my microham USB Interface III that I use for the FT1000.

73, Nic PA3ADU

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