Locked Re: PWR slider behaviour #transmit

Bill Somerville

On 17/02/2021 19:18, Nico Ebbendorf wrote:
Thank you Bill for the link how to set up the audio.
I am aware of adjusting the audio mixer in Windows. This worked fine with my FT1000 and FTdx1200 where I set the mixer to a zero ALC reading at the TRX meter.

But, this does not work for the FTDX101. I believe that this TRX has a kind of ALC in the audio circuit (I had also problems in setting up the mike gain and processor at first). The audio in the transmitterĀ  SDR of the FTDX101 works different as you would expect.

Anyway, when I set the audio mixer slider in Windows to -35 dB (!) the PWR slider in WSJT works properly. At max, I can get the maximum power as set in the TRX o/p setting and slide it down to zero o/p.
Any setting > -35dB of the audio slider causing a behaviour that what ever you set with the PWR slider, the output power increases automatically to the maximum setting (except for when you slide it complete down to the bottom).

So maybe this has something to do with the FTDZ101 (settings?)

73, Nic PA3ADU
Hi Nic,

the FTdx101 has a function called AMC which is supposed to automatically limit the mic gain to avoid distortion. I would be surprised if that was active in USB-DATA mode but if it is it may be best to turn its level setting to minimum.

It sounds like you have the audio input level in the rig's menu set much too high. The setting is RPORT GAIN in the MODE PSK/DATA sub-menu. Set your USB AUDIO CODEC level for WSJT-X in the Windows sound mixer to maximum then reduce the USB AUDIO CODEC master level in the playback device properties to 0dB as described in the recipe I linked above. Once you have done that reduce the relevant RPORT GAIN menu setting on your rig to give a small amount of ALC indication from a 1500 Hz Tune tone from WSJT-X. That should have set up your levels correctly, you should then find that the WSJT-X Pwr slider behaves linearly.


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